Peace Speak - The Peace Poetry Project

The Peace Poetry Project is a platform for poets/writers to touch ears, eyes & hearts from a Peace perspective.

Speak Your Peace August 17 @ 
Gallery 992
7 pm - 11 pm​​​​​​​
There is conflict expectation floating freely in the air
Some may feel it is an inevitable outcome,
is it?
One day I pondered and this came to me:
what if a visitor from another galaxy
who knows of only peace
was witness of who we are being globally, currently
would compassion motivate a desire to offer
words of guidance?
would solutions for peace suddenly flood our minds simultaneously?
what words of wisdom do you have to share?
join us
August 18, 2017
7 - 11 PM
992 Ralph D. Abernathy
Atlanta, GA 30310 

This is a project of nonprofit organization - The Creators Gift 137

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